Shaping the Next Generation in New Mexico

Educators have the important yet rewarding task of influencing the holistic development of future generations.

Becoming an educator is a fantastic way to invest in your community, as it provides young people with the opportunity to learn and experience life’s wonders. Educators not only provide students with knowledge and life skills, but they also serve as mentors that lead by example; they enable them to reach their personal aspirations through understanding and hard work. Therefore, educators are invaluable assets that should be respected and appreciated for their dedication.

Rewarding Experience

Being an educator is a rewarding experience that allows you to not only invest in the individual lives of your students, but also invest in your community as a whole

Powerful Mentors

Not only do educators teach curriculum knowledge, they can also act as mentors, inspiring curiosity, dreams and creativity in both their current and future generations.

Creating Successful Futures

Through encouraging strong values such as hard work, resilience and perseverance, educators are offering invaluable opportunities to create brighter horizons and more successful futures.

New Mexico is a great place to teach, and we need great teachers!

Discover a fulfilling teaching career in New Mexico with higher salaries, smaller class sizes, and a strong commitment to educational equity. Benefit from financial incentives like loan forgiveness and tuition-free education, while experiencing a vibrant, diverse community and innovative educational approaches. Enjoy an affordable lifestyle in a state known for its great climate and abundant outdoor opportunities.

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Free Higher Education

Tuition-free college for New Mexicans
With the New Mexico Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships, there are options for New Mexicans to pursue college and career training without worrying about the cost of tuition and fees.

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Loan Repayment Programs

Embark on your journey to financial freedom with New Mexico’s tailored loan repayment programs for professionals like you. Whether you’re in healthcare, public service, education, youth work, or pursuing a doctoral degree as a minority candidate, our programs are designed to lighten your financial load, allowing you to focus on making a lasting impact in your field.

These unique opportunities help you pursue your career goals without the weight of student loan debt, all while contributing to a brighter future for New Mexico and securing your own financial well-being.

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Increased Salary

Exciting news for educators in New Mexico! Starting in 2022, we’ve elevated our commitment to our teachers by significantly boosting starting salaries. Now, public school teachers begin their journey with a competitive salary of $50,000, Tier 2 minimum salaries have surged to $60,000, and Tier 3 teachers now enjoy a remarkable $70,000 starting salary.

But that’s not all – we’ve also increased employer contributions to the Educator Retirement Board fund, ensuring that your take-home pay is even higher. Learn more about these incredible opportunities at and explore the current salary tiers below:

Tier 1: $50,000 Tier 2: $60,000 Tier 3: $70,000

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Professional Development

New Mexico believes in supporting teachers at all levels of their careers by providing high-quality professional development.

Explore an array of supports for educators at all levels and objectives—from culturally and linguistically responsive education to multi-layered systems of support and more.

Browse professional learning opportunities by subject.

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Career Opportunities

New Mexico has an ongoing, urgent need for qualified, quality teachers. Want to teach math? We need you! Want to support Native American students? Are you interested in working with students with disabilities or special needs? We need you! Are you bilingual? We need you too!

Positions with the highest number of teacher vacancies are special education and elementary education. The subjects with the largest needs are math, science, English language arts, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

It's time to Love where you live

In New Mexico you’ll find not only a fulfilling profession but also a tapestry of cultural richness that will ignite your senses. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions, savor the diverse cuisine, and celebrate the local festivals that make New Mexico a captivating place to live.

Are you ready to call New Mexico home?

Beyond the classroom, you’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes, from the desert’s mystique to the mountain’s majesty. Ski in the winter, hike in the summer, and explore national parks year-round. The icing on the cake is the affordable cost of living, making it all possible.

Join us in New Mexico, where teaching meets adventure and culture for a truly enriching life experience.

Becoming a Teacher in New Mexico

Educators are some of the most important members of our society and thankfully, their work is finally beginning to be recognized for its significance.

Preschool Teachers

Becoming a preschool teacher in New Mexico is a rewarding journey of nurturing young minds and building strong foundations for lifelong learning. As a preschool teacher here, you’ll have the privilege of fostering the curiosity, creativity, and social development of our youngest learners.

New Mexico’s commitment to education is reflected in its diverse and vibrant communities, offering a rich cultural tapestry to infuse into your teaching.

With competitive salaries, supportive programs, and a dedication to educational excellence, embarking on a career as a preschool teacher in New Mexico means making a meaningful impact on the future while enjoying a fulfilling professional path.

Elementary School Teachers

Becoming an elementary teacher in New Mexico is a journey filled with opportunities to shape young minds and inspire a lifelong love for learning. As an elementary teacher here, you’ll play a pivotal role in providing students with a strong educational foundation.

New Mexico’s commitment to education is evident in its diverse and dynamic communities, offering a rich cultural backdrop to enhance your teaching experience.

With competitive salaries, specialized support, and a dedication to fostering academic excellence, embarking on a career as an elementary teacher in New Mexico means making a lasting impact on the next generation while enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding profession.

Mid & High School Teachers

Becoming a middle and high school teacher in New Mexico is an opportunity to guide and inspire older students during a critical phase of their educational journey. As a teacher in this setting, you’ll have a unique chance to engage with adolescents, helping them develop essential skills and knowledge for their future.

New Mexico’s educational commitment is reflected in its diverse communities, offering a dynamic backdrop for your teaching.

With competitive compensation, dedicated resources, and a focus on academic excellence, embarking on a career as a middle and high school teacher in New Mexico means shaping the next generation, fostering their growth, and preparing them for a bright and promising future.

Embark on your journey to fulfill your calling as a teacher in New Mexico!

Take your first step towards this exciting career by filling out the form to get started today!